Premiere Boxers

Premier  Boxers

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Puppy Pricing and Stud Fees

Premiere Boxers

Located in:

Ocala  Florida


Email: [email protected]


Our Goal is to provide you with a loving and healthy forever member to your family. We breed to improve the quality of the breed and for our love of this amazing breed. Our boxers have been health tested and cleared of any genetic defects. We do have Pet Only Pricing along with Non Pet Only Pricing. Boxers sold on a Pet Only contract will also have a Spay/Neuter Contract. If you do not want to have your boxer spayed or neutered that will obviously fall in the Non Pet Only Pricing.  We want the very best for our boxers, and do not want them going to puppy mill situations or to be a yard dog as boxers are not a tie-out outside type of dog, we also do not want our dogs ending up in the dog fighting ring or in pet stores.  

We do offer delivery up to a certain point that will require and additional charge, as well as shipping. If you are interested in either of those options please feel free to contact us for further information.

AKC Registration:

Puppies are sold on Limited AKC registration with a Spay and Neuter contract to Pet homes only.

Premiere  Boxers always reserves first pick puppy once the litter is born for our breeding program. 

Premiere Boxers reserves the right to refuse sale to anyone at anytime for any reason. 

Please contact us for pricing on our puppies. We only will be offering 100% full European puppies at this time. We are planning to take a hiatus once we retire Genesis which will be within the next couple years.

Stud Service:

We currently are no longer offering stud service. We would be happy to recommend you to breeders that we trust.